We offer custom bag and bulk feed. We have 12 main feed ingredients that you can mix and match to meet your animals' needs, as well as approximately 15 trace elements, including vitamins, minerals, and medication. We also offer wet and dry molasses for mixing with feed. We can deliver feed.


At Central Farmers Supply, we offer bag and bulk feeds made from custom formulas that involve a vast array of ingredients. We work to meet different farmers' needs for their different species, be they horses or sheep or goats or cattle. We can make many amounts of feed and are happy to do so, whether you need two tons or twelve tons. We then deliver this grain to the farmers. The people in charge of this operation are very talented and have been mixing feed for years and years. We work to, through feed, target the customer's end desire, be that a fast rate of gain on a show calf who's headed for the county fair or a regional competition or a herd of beef calves. Our feeds also vary economically, and we work to compliment someone's current pasture situation, striving to achieve excellent end goals in a financially doable manner. One of our best feed in terms of sales is the layers mash, which is CFS' specialty laying mash. The number of folks raising their own chickens and gathering their own eggs is amazing, and this feed is a very economical mash that will meet the nutritional needs of those chickens. We are excited to offer such a breadth and array of feeds, and enjoy walking first time customers through figuring out what feed mix their animals need. We want to help you build a feed around your individual goals and resources, based on your end goal, starting point, and farm resources.

Layers Mash

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